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Audio and Video Distribution
Store all of your equipment in one central location and add the capability to watch or listen to any device (i.e. Blu-Ray, satellite television or radio, iPod)  in any room of your home. New multimedia servers add to the features and convenience by allowing the ability to store your media and play it back on demand. You can pause any movie or live TV in the family room and continue the movie in your bedroom at your leisure.

Custom Home Theater
Let us create a room that allows you to truly enjoy your media collection. There are countless options for cinema projectors/screens, flat panel displays, speakers, and amplifiers. We have the expertise to design a home theater that will provide the perfect home cinema experience for you and your family.

Home Automation System
A complete home automation system allows you to control your entire home from one or more single locations. We can integrate all of your electronically-powered devices to communicate through one "brain". Integrating your utilities with your media system can provide instant feedback on your usage levels. You could change the lighting levels throughout your home from the same remote you use to change the TV channel. With new interfaces available, you can now log-in from most web-capable devices such as your work computer, or even via your iPhone while in another country to control your. All of our programming is custom logic so anything is possible.

Home Lighting Control
Control every light in your home with the push of one button. We will create custom lighting scenes for every mood of the day. You will save money by conserving energy, and save time by not having to turn every individual light on or off as you enter or leave. System timers add to the convenience by automatically turning lights on and off throughout the day. You can have that exterior lights turn on at dusk to provide safety and then turn themselves back off at dawn.

Home Networking
We can wire your home for a computer network, allowing all of your computers to connect to the internet or interact with each other. Or you can choose to go wireless with the addition of access points to connect anywhere in your home. Our installers have the expertise to make sure you have great coverage throughout the entire house, even outdoors.

Green Lifestyle
With Energy prices and demand at all-time high levels it is even more important than ever to manage your home or business’s energy consumption both for you and for the environment. Our systems can significantly reduce the amount of energy that you consume by integrating your lighting, temperature, shades, security, and irrigation with a central control system that automatically adjusts to your needs. This can result in lower utility bills and less waste.
A green lifestyle home can automatically adjust temperature and lights when you simply enter or exit a room. You can also create a schedule that will automatically adjust the lights and temperature throughout the day to reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home. You could also control your home from a computer, web-enabled cell phone, or just a traditional telephone.  When you have a lighting system installed by Smart AV Solutions your lights will automatically be dimmed by at least 10%, this is a change that the human eye cannot detect because your eyes will adjust making it unnoticed. Dimming a light by 10% will also increase the life of your bulbs by as much as two times. This is especially nice for those hard to reach lights, but is good even on the easy locations. 
New building codes and regulations are also on their way making home automation a standard in ALL new homes. Title 24 was introduced in California in 2005 making it mandatory that all new homes have built in efficiencies. Since its introduction Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and New Mexico have also adopted Title 24 initiatives. Below are just some of the criteria new and remodeled homes must meet under Title 24:

• Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garages, and Utility rooms must have high efficiency or automatic lights that turn off automatically when not occupied. 
• Homes must have Programmable Thermostats that can also be controlled by the Utility Company, and be adjusted to reduce consumption during peak times.
• Your energy rates will change during the day up to 3x during peak hours.

Your Green Lifestyle home will be ahead of the curve with Title 24 requirements. We can program your system to reduce energy consumption during the peak hours and operate normally in non-peak hours saving you $1,000’s per year or more.

Flat Screen Mounting and Installation
We mount your flat screen within a matter of hours with plenty of options. We can locate all of your equipment in a separate location and run wires inside walls for an amazing new look. We even carry a range of  universal remotes that allow you to control your TV and all of the devices hooked up to it, seamlessly with a single remote. No more fumbling through multiple remotes and snowy channels just to turn on a movie.

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